Great organisations understand that managing talent for long-term success requires first-class people-focused strategies and processes.

At WorkplaceTalent we specialise in helping businesses engage with their employees and plan the key activities of Workplace Engagement, Succession Planning and Performance Management.


Workplace Engagement

teamengagementThe benefits of an engaged workforce are widely understood – superior performance, improved health, stronger commitment and improved customer service. Our engagement specialists at WorkplaceTalent are thought leaders in the field of Workplace Engagement.

Our scientifically proven Equaliser© survey is based on a decade of applied research and development and helps organisations benchmark against others, identify areas of strength and vulnerability, drive positive change and improve business results.




Succession Planning

Identifying and nurturing future leaders is critically important but easy to get wrong. In many cases, promotion goes to people who are highly effective in their current role, but not necessarily prepared for the next step-up.

At WorkplaceTalent we understand the vital role of identifying high potential and Succession Planning and have quality experience in helping organizations design a process that is effective, fair and credible. We know what makes a good leader and we will help you differentiate your best performers from the rest and turn leadership potential into leadership performance.




Performance Management


Managing performance is about ensuring that employees can achieve their best, develop their potential and play their part in meeting the goals and ambitions of the business. At WorkplaceTalent we have extensive experience designing integrated Performance Management systems linking competency frameworks, objectives, appraisal and review with talent management strategies.