Successful companies genuinely believe that their people are their greatest asset. They also realise that in focusing on the all-round development of their talent they can unlock huge potential in the organisation, drive superior performance and deliver business success.

At WorkplaceTalent we have a wealth of experience in designing and delivering high performance coaching, team effectiveness and leadership transformation to companies throughout the world.


Performance Coaching


Based on our own psychological models of human performance WorkplaceTalent coaches have helped leaders to transform themselves and their organisations. Often drawing on psychometric profiling and 360° assessments, Performance Coaching aims to enhance personal awareness and promote real change through a structured and supportive process of insight, action and feedback.

All our coaches are qualified and provide a confidential environment for leaders to openly express their ideas and business concerns.



Team Effectiveness

Great teams don’t just happen they are crafted over time. At WorkplaceTalent we are experts in raising Team Effectiveness and truly unlocking team potential. Through our tailored programmes teams gain deeper insights into their dynamic, they define what kind of team they want to be, they identify the future they want and how they are going to get there.

Psychological profiling often helps teams to identify strengths and blind-spots, build relationships, increase collaboration and deal safely with inevitable conflict and difference.




Leadership Transformation


Perhaps the most critical factor driving business success is the quality of leadership and management at every level of the organisation.

At WorkplaceTalent our Leadership Transformation team apply the very latest research in human psychology and management science to help organisations create leaders of exceptional quality.

Working closely with our clients we have designed and delivered leadership and management development for some of the world’s leading organisations.