Corporate Clients

At WorkplaceTalent our breadth of work across many sectors enables us to apply a wealth of insights and experiences to your business. Our track record spans more than two decades and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality service. Our aim is always to make a real difference and help our clients to succeed. Below are some recent projects with some familiar names.

Enhancing Team Effectiveness with Vodafone


A newly formed marketing team with a variety of specialties and characters underwent a programme aimed at personal development and team integration. Through one-to-one coaching, team profiling and a series of workshops, delegates were encouraged to develop greater self-awareness and explore interactions and relationships within the team. Creating a clear understanding of ‘where they were going’ and ‘what they could rightfully expect from each other’ were key outcomes for team members.



Mark Howe

Head Of Commercial Marketing / Vodafone UK

WorkplaceTalent helped take a group of very cynical and rational leaders and contributed to making them a strong and productive unit. Their expertise in emotional intelligence gave great input into changing people's preconceived ideas and through this challenge got each individual to think quite differently about each other and the people they touch every day!

Leadership at London Fire Brigade


The London Fire Brigade commissioned WorkplaceTalent to design and deliver a bespoke leadership programme for a group of twenty Assistant Commissioners and Heads of Department operating at Headquarters in London.

For these strategic managers the programme was less about the ‘what’ of leadership and more about ‘how’ we lead others. Each manager completed psychometric assessment measuring emotional intelligence and received feedback during one-to-one coaching sessions. Performance coaching helped managers develop greater insight into their own leadership style and development opportunities.

Building on the coaching sessions, managers attended three 1-day workshops over the next 9 months. Through structured exercises, reflective thought and dialogue they explored the latest ideas from the field of leadership and behavioural science. Throughout the programme managers were introduced to a variety of models, tools and techniques designed to support their development.


Building Engagement at Manpower


Over a 2-year period WorkplaceTalent worked with the Commercial Staffing business in Manpower. Our simple aim – to understand what drives Workplace Engagement and build it. Using the unique Equaliser© toolkit (from WorkplaceBuzz) we were able to measure the level of engagement throughout the business and identify some of the ‘black holes and bright sparks’. Sharing results with the senior management team created some provocative thoughts and critical conversations from which we implemented simple strategies.

Over the next 12 months managers received specific training, in addition the business reviewed its people learning and development strategy and introduced a new recognition and reward system. Retesting showed a percentage rise in Workplace Engagement, Wellbeing and Organisational Commitment as well as an overall rise in profits.

Developing EI Teams with E.ON

One of the key themes for development that emerged from E.ON’s global talent process was the need for senior teams to develop greater emotional intelligence. Commissioned by human resources WorkplaceTalent designed and delivered a team effectiveness programme to six specialist teams based on the researched and validated principles of emotional intelligence.


Each team member completed an emotional intelligence psychometric assessment and spent time with a WorkplaceTalent performance coach receiving feedback and exploring their own self-leadership. Senior teams then attended two 1-day workshops building individual emotional intelligence and working more effectively together as a team.

Ian Hebb

Senior Manager - Leadership and Management Development / E.ON

WorkplaceTalent worked with six commercial teams of directors and senior managers, helping individuals to become more self-aware and knowledgeable of their 'emotional dashboard', resulting in noteworthy changes in how individuals managed themselves and their teams.

Designing a Employee Survey at BCL Burton Copeland


This leading city law firm has seen rapid growth over the past few years and was keen to explore ways to better manage its growing pool of talent. The very first thing was to hire WorkplaceTalent to design and deliver a bespoke employee survey to capture the voice of its staff and benchmark performance.


Results and feedback from staff revealed a number of key areas of strength and vulnerability and pointed to a variety of opportunities for change and action. As a result WorkplaceTalent have already worked with BCL to create and implement a unique competency model and performance management system.

Competency Modeling and Performance Management with BCL Burton Copeland


Rapid growth of this leading city law firm resulted in some talent management systems being outdated and no longer fit for purpose. BCL tasked WorkplaceTalent with designing and implementing a new performance management system. Working closely with the company we created job descriptions for each role in the firm, and from these we were able to construct a model of the key competencies and behavioural indicators that drive success in BCL.

These were validated with the staff in a series of interviews and focus groups. WorkplaceTalent then designed the Performance Development Process; including the all documentation and training for the annual review.

Executive Coaching at Manpower


JG is a UK board member and operations director running a £25 million plus business with one of the largest companies in the world. Over a two-year period he has worked with one the WorkplaceTalent high performance coaches on building his own leadership capabilities. Through a process that began with developing self-leadership JG was able to challenge himself and his assumptions.

Performance coaching provided insights into better managing his top team; more effective business strategies; and developing engaging workplaces for his 300+ staff.

Stuart Bailey

Operational Excellence Services & Sustainability Manager / E.ON

My WorkplaceTalent coach has brought a wealth of experience and creativity to our coaching sessions and always finds a way of bringing inspirational stories that absolutely hit the mark. I always look forward to meeting the WorkplaceTalent consultants and thoroughly enjoy our challenging, energetic discussions. They have a strong ability to read situations and provides a really safe environment to work in.

Senior L&D Manager

/ E.ON

The WorkplaceTalent consultants experience is evident in their skill to ask pertinent questions, helping individuals to develop greater levels of self-awareness and emotional skills, whether in their organisational leadership roles or in their personal lives


Performance Coaching at the London Fire Brigade


Following a number of years successful work with LFB, WorkplaceTalent was tasked with providing Performance Coaching for some of the most senior officers in the organisation with the aim of building performance strengths.

Officers completed a number of psychometric assessments including measures of Personality and 360 Emotional Intelligence and attended between three and five coaching sessions to receive feedback, build self-awareness and drive behavioural change.


Psychometric Assessment at Manpower


One of the key characteristics of great leadership at Manpower is high Emotional Intelligence. Following a series of leadership masterclasses senior board managers were invited to complete an EI psychometric and attended a 3-hour feedback session with experts at WorkplaceTalent aimed at exploring the emotional aspects of their leadership behaviour and developing a more effective style.