Great Talent Management is all about using critical information to make the best decisions – getting the right people in the right jobs, building the right team, choosing successors, and identifying change and development opportunities.

If you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it – at WorkplaceTalent we specialise in a range of assessment services from individual psychometric testing, high quality assessment and development centers through to fully bespoke organisational and employee surveys.


Psychometric Assessment

chartsgirlAt WorkplaceTalent we use our extensive experience in psychological profiling and feedback to help individuals and teams gain awareness into their performance – highlighting strengths and vulnerabilities and providing insights into style and behaviour.

We are qualified to use the most up-to-date and valid Psychometric Assessments to measure ability, personality, emotional intelligence, and 360-degree appraisals. At WorkplaceTalent we are fully qualified to use any of the following Psychometric assessments:

  • Personality – (Facet5/MBTI/Wave/Hogan/ERAS)
  • Emotional Intelligence – EQ-i and EQ360, TEIQUE
  • Equaliser© Workplace Engagement Survey
  • Ability Tests
  • 360° Assessments



Assessment and Development Solutions

At WorkplaceTalent we design, deliver and manage high quality assessments that enable our clients to make thoughtful and informed decisions based on accurate and objective information. For example, our Assessment Centres provide in-depth information about performance and personality helping our clients select the right people for the right roles. Our Development Centres facilitate individual change and provide leaders and managers with insights into areas for development.



Employee Surveys

Successful organisations realise the importance of data and capturing the voice and feedback of their staff and customers. Through our sister company WorkplaceBuzz, we offer a completely tailored design service and boasts qualified experts in research, design and statistical analysis with vast experience in working with clients to develop and manage the very best in Employee Surveys, large or small, complex or simple.